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Mysterious Pee (kind of a gross post–consider yourself warned)

April 12, 2008

I often study at coffee shops here in Taipei, and I have noticed a disturbing trend. Often men’s bathrooms will have a puddle of pee on the ground, about two feet in front of the toilet. In the coffee shop I am in right now, there is a urinal next to the toilet, far away from the puddle. The first few times I saw the pee puddle I figured it was just someone incontinent who had an accident, but it appears to frequently for that (I think). I have checked ladies’ rooms a few times and there were no puddles. I am truly puzzled. My current guess is that people are squatting on top of toilet seats, and the way men are set up things don’t go where they are supposed to. Any ideas?

BTW, this week I will be going through the blog desert known as mid-terms, so bear with me as I write a little less than usual.