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An Academic Addiction

April 3, 2008

“He only got tenure because of the drugs.”

Over the last several years we have been over-saturated with sports doping news. If its not half of the riders in the Tour de France or crying former sprinters, its politicians using their valuable time to question 300 pound sluggers. We academics are sick and tired of these sports celebrities stealing the spotlight. To this end, we have started doping ourselves.


This week Posner and Becker take on “intelligence doping”, or the practice of taking drugs to increase one’s concentration, wakefulness, and general acuity. Apparently academics, students, and financiers are taking drugs to improve their mental performance (with mid-terms coming up, believe me, I’m taking note). Both Becker and Posner come down heavily in favor of leaving the drugs unregulated as users bear both the benefits and costs of using drugs themselves.

Next time your professor comes to class sweating, quivering, and spitting paragraphs into the time usually allotted for sentences, don’t be surprised.