How many casualties in today’s Baghdad bombing?

The New York Times is currently reporting 130 dead and 520 injured.  This picture has around 110 people in it:

About 110 People

Imagine that every one of these people was killed in the blast, and each person’s two parents, two children and spouse were also maimed.  That is about how many casualties there were in Baghdad today.

Bombing is a terrible tactic.

Edit: Today the New York Times reports that there were an additional thirty children killed in the playground of the Ministry of Justice.  There are exactly thirty kids in this picture:

30 kids



One Response to “How many casualties in today’s Baghdad bombing?”

  1. tinsmithink Says:

    essentially you sound like a commentator on NPR.

    I think the fact that you mention people’s social role (as parents, etc) is enough to cause a pause than the photo you included. This photo still means nothing to me because I don’t know these people. I am side tracked by the thought of ” do they know you used them on your blog??”

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