Childless by Choice?

In the last several weeks I have brought up the subject of having children with two childless married couples I know.  Both dropped a hint about how not everyone can have children and subtly changed the topic.  I didn’t press further.   These two families already represent most of the married people I know who don’t have children.

I realize that when I was growing up my parents tended to hang out with other parents, and that most of my friends are still not married.  Also, I guess many people get married to raise a family, so I shouldn’t be surprised that those who do tie the knot also have children.  But there must be some people out there who marry, have the ability to have children, but choose not to, right?

I’ve had fertility on mind lately for obvious reasons.  I have been following the great WilkinsonCaplan debates, am part way through Better to Never Have Been by David Benatar, and am taking a family economics course.  I am on the fence about children.  Your thoughts?


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One Response to “Childless by Choice?”

  1. MsLuffa Says:

    i was having a similar thought today, and was wondering why people choose to have children and I reckon most of the reasons why people choose to have children and shy away from adoption is usually a selfish reason.
    I heard a radio programme about a woman who’d made the choice not to have children and claimed many women hate her. A middle aged lady called the show and said she’d made the decision to be sterillized when she was a teenager.

    I don’t see anything wrong with it? I think it’s better for people not have children if they don’t want to, and people who do should prepare themselves for it, mentally, physically and spiritually as well.

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